House Rules

1. All New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulations and city ordinances will be strictly adhered to.

2. No one under the age of 21 will be served (Photo ID required.)

3. Guests must sign the guest register upon entering the bar area and must be accompanied by a bona fide member in good standing or member in good  standing in another Lodge.

4. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guest.

5. No credit will be extended at the bar.

6. Willful destruction of Lodge property will not be tolerated.  Any person marring or destroying any property of the Lodge shall be personally liable for the full value of such property.

7. No official Lodge business is to be discussed at the bar.

8. No profanity will be allowed at the bar.

9. Anyone appearing to be intoxicated will not be served.

10. The Governing Body of the Club shall have the authority to enforce all rules.

11. No minors under the age of 16, without adult supervision,  are to be allowed use of the shuffleboard table, pool table or darts and dart board.  Members will be held responsible for any damage done by minors who are their guests.

12. No alcoholic beverages (liquor, beer or wine) may be taken from the licensed Premises or Lodge property.

13. Only members in good standing and their guests will be served during normal business hours for the Lodge to be open.

14. No Firearms are permitted on the Lodge premises at any time.

15. No pets allowed on premises other than service animals.