Officers and Trustees for 2020-2021

Exalted Ruler: Rick Wolffe
Esteemed Leading Knight: Amy Matthews
Esteemed Loyal Knight: Ken Gerard
Esteemed Lecturing Knight: Ted Scallon
Esquire: Lou DeSocio, PER
Secretary: Lauren Cook
Treasurer: Carolyn Cherry
Chaplain: Peter R. Holmes
Inner Guard: Pete Reinhardt
Tiler: Michael Yanacone
Trustee – 5 Year: Mike Helmer, Chair
Trustee – 4 Year: Steve Matthews
Trustee – 3 Year: Luke Beshar
Trustee – 2 Year: Mike Williams, PER
Trustee – 1 Year: Rich Callaghan
Presiding Justice: Mike Mezzacca
Mediator: Steve Timoni


The Summit Elks committees represent the implementing arms of our community work. Visit the Lodge or Contact Us to learn more about that Committee.

  • Americanism – Tim Saburn
  • Audit – Maria Manion
  • Construction – Rich Callaghan
  • Drug Awareness – Lou DeSocio
  • Elks National Foundation – Kathy Preacher
  • House – Mike Williams
  • Insurance – Ken Gerard
  • Special Children – Bob Ruple
  • Technology – Lennie Nuara
  • Veterans – Lou DeSocio
  • Youth – Mike Williams
  • Newsletter – Samantha Vezzosi, Pete Holmes, Scott Schnipper

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