Indoor & Outdoor Seating Rules

When visiting the Lodge please be extremely mindful of the following social distancing rules and our guest policy of One Guest Per Member on the Rooftop.

If you would like to bring more than one guest please call the Bar Manager in Advance for approval, and if there is space available you may be seated on the second floor.

• Present your Membership Card to the fellow member who has volunteered to staff our the front desk;
• If you have not been fully vaccinated, Face Coverings Must be Worn at all times Inside our Lodge, and can only be removed when seated at your assigned table which will be assigned by the wait staff;
• Do Not Stand or Walk/Mill Around anywhere inside the bar or Lodge or outside on the patio;
• Respect and Follow the Requests of the Wait Staff;
• Do Not Hang at the Bar to Chat with the bartenders; however, you may place an order or pay your bill at the bar.

We ask all of our members to adhere to these rules which protect our license to serve our members and their guests in a socially safe manner.

House Rules

1. No one under the age of 21 will be served alcohol beverages at the Lodge (Photo ID required.)

2. Members must sign in all guests upon entering the Lodge at the sign in desk.  All guests must be accompanied by an Elks member in good standing.

3. Members are responsible for the behavior of their guest(s) at all times.

4. No minors under the age of 16, shall be allowed use of the shuffleboard table, pool table or darts/ dart board unless accompanied by an adult supervision AND approved by the bartender.  Members will be responsible for any damage done by minors or guests.

5. Damage to or destruction of Lodge property will not be tolerated.  Any person marring or destroying any property of the Lodge shall be ejected from the premises and is personally liable for all costs to repair/replace any damaged property.

6. No profanity is allowed.

7. Bar Manager and bartenders may at any time refuse service to any Member or guest who they believe to be intoxicated, are disorderly/disruptive, fail to follow the Bar Manager/staff’s directions, or violate the House Rules. Any member and/or guest who is requested to leave the lodge by the Bar Manager shall leave immediately without any delay or argument.

8. No alcoholic beverages shall be brought into the Lodge for consumption in the Lodge without the prior WRITTEN ADVANCE APPROVAL of the Bar Manager and/or House Chairman; and if approval is granted a corking fee shall be charged.

9. Leftover wine from wine bottles purchased at the Lodge may be taken off the Lodge premises when members/guests leave the Lodge only when approved by the Bar Manager and must be properly corked/closed.

10. No self-service at the bar. Only bar staff are permitted behind the bar at all times.

11. No Firearms are permitted on the Lodge premises at any time.

12. No Pets allowed on premises other than approved service animals.

Note – these rules also apply to Events at the Lodge. Sponsors of private parties must enter into Lodge Rental Agreement and will be subject to the rules and responsibilities therein.



Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday – 4:00 to 11.30 PM

Thursday, Friday & Saturday – Noon to Midnight

Sunday – Noon to 9:00 PM

The Bar may be closed early on any day at the discretion of the Bar Manager who has the final authority to call last call early, close the bar, and/or ask all members and guests to leave the Lodge.

The bartender on duty will make last call approximately thirty minutes prior to closing. All members are expected to leave the Lodge promptly at closing.

In advance of closing for the night, the front door will be closed and locked at the discretion of the Bar Manager on Duty.

When the front door is locked by the Bar Manager, that means the bar is closed or is in the process of closing for the night; and entry is NOT PERMITTED.

Members in the Lodge shall not let anyone in after the front door is locked. Violation will result in immediate eviction of the member and grounds for suspension of privileges.