Indoor & Outdoor Seating Rules

Our capacity is limited pursuant to the Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders. As such we can seat 30 on the Outdoor patio, 22 in the Rooftop Bar/Lounge and 50 downstairs on the second floor. When visiting the Lodge please be extremely mindful of the following social distancing rules and our guest policy of One Guest Per Member.

To prevent the spread of Covid-19 Governor Murphy has issued a new Executive Order with additional restrictions on bars and restaurants. The following two restrictions apply to our Lodge and will go into effect immediately.

  1. Restaurants, bars, clubs, lounges, and other businesses that serve food or drinks will not be able to operate their indoor premises between 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Outdoor dining can continue after 10:00 p.m., as can takeout and delivery services. 
  2. Seating at the physical bar in the indoor areas of bars and restaurants will be prohibited during all operating hours.

In accordance with this order and in consultation with our Grand Lodge District Deputy we will be closing the Lodge at 10PM and last call at the bar will be at 9.45 PM.

We ask all of our members and their guests to please adhere to our Social Distancing Rules which we have shared numerous times in prior e-mails and which we have listed once more below.

It is imperative that we adhere to these rules, wear face coverings in the Lodge as required, stay seated at our tables, and wait for a bartender to take our orders. Any member violating these rules may be asked to leave and repeat violators may face suspension of privileges.

• Please do not come to the Lodge if you have any symptoms or have arrived from one of the quarantined States;
• please Sign in at the Front Desk (print your name and phone number) and if you have a guest they must sign in too (please don’t sign for them);
• Please Present your Membership Card to the receptionist at the front desk;
• please keep your Face Covering on at All Times Anywhere Inside our Lodge, and only remove your face covering when you are seated on at your assigned table which will be assigned by the wait staff;
• please Wait at Your Seat to Place Your Order with the wait staff and do not approach the bar to place an order;
• please Do Not Stand or Walk/Mill Around anywhere inside the bar or Lodge or outside on the patio;
• please Respect and Follow the Requests of the Wait Staff;
• and please Do Not Approach the Bar to Place an Order or Chat with the bartenders; you may pay your bill at the bar only if you stand behind the “blue line” on the floor in front of the bar.

We ask all of our members to adhere to these rules which protect our license to serve our members and their guests in a socially safe manner.

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