The Elks Rooftop Project

Welcome to the Summit Elks Lodge No. 1246 Contribution Page for its Rooftop Expansion Project

Visitors to this page will have the ability to directly contribute/sponsor towards the Summit Elks Rooftop Expansion Project.

Why are We Building This Rooftop Bar and Terrace?

For over one hundred years, the Summit Elks Lodge has been a pillar for the Summit community and the neighboring communities of New Providence and Chatham. Much of that support has come in the form of offering the ballroom and its supporting facilities to provide essential meeting space at a reasonable price, for charitable and community events.

The community organizations that have recently used our lodge’s ballroom range from Boys & Girls Clubs to athletic sports booster organizations, veterans groups, educational foundations, and first-responder associations. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy our Lodge served as an aid station for the Summit area until power was restored.

Event bookings by local organizations and our Elk membership have reached a point where many events have been turned away due to unavailability of dates.

This in part is due to the growing membership at the Lodge, which has tripled over the last five years to nearly 1,900 members.

Purpose & Vision

The expansion and ultimate renovation of our Lodge has never been needed more. Over the past two years, working with WeSketch Architecture, we have developed plans to transform Summit Lodge 1246 into a first-class meeting facility, which can accommodate multiple events and will ensure that our Lodge continues to serve the greater Summit community for generations to come.

The first step for visitors wishing to make a donation to this Project is to browse the list of various items available for sponsorship at this link which range from tiles to the Rooftop Bar itself and view how these items will appear upon this Project’s completion.

Upon selecting which items a donor would like to contribute towards and providing a description of how they would like their sponsorship to appear, donors can use their credit cards to pay for their donation directly on this page.

Credit card donations are processed by Square and all donations made towards the Rooftop Expansion Project will be held in a separate account at Investors Savings and whose balances will be used solely for the financing of this very worthy project.

Browse Sponsorship Items for the Rooftop Project Now.


Donor Pyramid

The Summit NJ Elks Rooftop Bar and Terrace Project Donor Pyramid


The Funding Plan

The total cost of the project, including renovation of the existing ballroom, is estimated to cost around $2.2 million.  We have secured a first mortgage from Investors Bank for $1.3 million, of which approximately $300,000 was used to repay an outstanding mortgage. 

Our lodge trustees have set a goal to raise $1.2 million to cover the balance of the construction and finishing costs. So we are counting on you to help us Raise the Roof!

Supporters can contribute in two ways: By Naming rights, and through our Contribution Levels.

Naming Rights

Naming Rights Packages — Contact Rick Wolffe, Co-Chair of the Rooftop Fundraising Subcommittee for pricing information:

  • Rooftop Lounge — 3rd Floor naming rights
  • Rooftop Bar — Mirror/Mural behind Bar naming rights
  • Benefactor Wall — Name prominently titled above this wall
  • Outdoor Patio — rooftop patio naming rights
  • Exterior Firepit — prominently named on base of firepit
  • Interior Fireplace — prominently named above the fireplace


Contribution Levels

Click on the Contribution Amount for the given Contribution Level to pay for your contribution online safely and securely via Square, the online payment system. Would you prefer to make a simple, unencumbered donation to our Rooftop Project? Click here to use the General Donation form on our Square Store Page.