The Summit, NJ Elks Lodge # 1246 enjoys support from its members as well as the greater community which it serves. Here find testimonials from our members, benefactors, and others.

F. Michael Williams

I have been a Summit Elk for more than 30 years and have been an Officer for more than the last 18 years.

During this time the idea of a rooftop bar has often been discussed and never followed through and acted upon. However, during the last couple of years we not only have we discussed this project, it will become a reality before the end of this year.

It has entailed a lot of work and there remains a lot more work before we can enjoy the new rooftop.

Nick McKee

The Summit Elks to me represent the best of the communal spirit of the people in this area.

The Lodge lives the values and ethos of what the order stands for nationally. I’ve been to countless number of fund raisers for charities, school activities and community groups over the years. All with great success and participation.

I’ve always felt welcome by the staff and members whether I know them or not. A new Elk Trophy in the rooftop addition provides a traditional symbol in a modern setting.

Nora Radest

"The Elks raise money for college scholarships for our local students, they support special needs children through funding summer camp experiences, and they continually recognize and honor our veterans.

"I am proud to be an Elk and am looking forward to the opening of the rooftop area."